Bank not Available


Doesn’t accept my banks card 😒 (Chime)

开发者回复 回复时间 2021年09月26日

Hey, Sorry for the inconvenience. We do not accept Chime at this time. If you have another card that you would like to use you can update your payment method in the app. If you require further assistance please reach out to us at hello@klarna.com.


Apartment List, Inc.

Won’t let me change my settings m


It was nice at first but now they won’t even let me change my settings. I’m trying to edit my commute and location of where I want to look for apartments and it won’t even let me 🙄


The Weather Channel Interactive

Doesn’t notify anymore


I stop getting alerts out the blue all of sudden. Literally the main reason why I downloaded the app in the first place


GasBuddy Organization Inc

Doesn’t accept Chime


You have to link a bank account and they won’t accept Chime yet it’s option to choose from, from the instant bank options. So I guess I won’t be using this app 🙄

Love it


I love it. Comes in very handy and i do get my money 2 days early. I just wish there was a feature to turn on alerts/notifications for when money gets deposited or withdrawn from my account. Other than that the app is great.
Update: Claims you get paid 2 days early which is a lie. You don’t

Love it


I love it. Comes in very handy and i do get my money 2 days early. I just wish there was a feature to turn on alerts/notifications for when money gets deposited or withdrawn from my account. Other than that the app is great.



So glitchy considering how much I’m paying for it. First of all it takes forever to read/get the photos if at all sometimes. On top of that you HAVE To keep it up in order for it to do so, which drains your battery to keep it on charger. Then when the photos finally do load it’s lagging. I’ll leave the app up and maybe go to another app come back and whole app has refreshed itself now I have to wait for the whole process all over again. It’s irritating and frustrating honestly and I’m ready to cancel my subscription.



Wish list


Can’t scroll my wish list. I’ll scroll my wish list and then it will just stop and won’t let me scroll anymore


PlayStation Mobile Inc.



Apps been crashing for the past month for me. It keeps signing me out. When I go to sign back in and put my code in (2-step verification) it crashes. I’ve uninstalled and re-installed the app multiple times and it still does the same thing





The signup/registration process is stupid. Why does someone else have to scan my code to verify me? I don’t know anyone else with a Wechat 🤦🏾‍♀️ you can’t just send a code to my phone to put in? Or email. I deleted the app.



Disqus login


Love the app, but I can’t login with Disqus. Every time I click login, it opens a window in my browser that says “There was an error submitting the form” it’s kinda annoying.

So many bugs


App has major bugs. First I’ve been waiting years for this app to come out, and sadly I’m disappointed. You can sign in via Facebook or google. It’s does nothing when you click on it. Second when you go to sign up and it asks you your birthday. You can’t even see half the numbers or years for the input and it makes it very difficult to sign up unless you count but who wants to do all that. Anyway hopefully they work out the kinks. I was really looking forward to this app

It’s ok but...


It’s ok and I love that it saves my money. However the text I get saying how much I have in my account is inaccurate and not correct at all, there’s a delay. It will say I have certain amount when I know for a fact I don’t, way less actually and I think that affects how much they pull out. Now I’m not sure how often they pull out (seems like everyday) but there was time they pulled an amount out and I didn’t have it my account and end up overdraft. That’s the only issues I have. Fix the balance delay and make it to where I can change how often money can be pulled out. Other than that it’s a good app.



So for some reason my child’s phone is still be managed and supervised by Eturi Corp even though I’ve deleted the app the profile.... over a year ago. At first I thought it was apple but I looked it. Why is it still me managed by you all if it’s not on the phone? I can’t get rid of that notification in the settings.



I absolutely loved this game. Though I wish it were longer. I beat it in a few hours. Will there be more? Or like a park 2 or something?

It’s ok


The game is fun and it passes time. However it can be difficult to pass levels. As far as upgrading the stuff to get more coins and stars. You have to pay coins AND diamonds to upgrade which I don’t think is fair considering there is no way easy way to get diamonds, therefore making you stuck on a specific level. I think it should cost coins. Also the games seems to loose connection often. I’ll click a boost and click play and it will say connection lost, restart then when I go to click play my boost is gone. I never got a chance to use. It’s getting really annoying. I can’t even play because I can’t get pass a level because I don’t have any diamonds 🙄


Kik Interactive Inc.



Re-downloaded this after years. I use to use this when I was a teen lol. It’s still a good app. However there is an issue with the changing the theme in chats. It won’t change/show for the other person. And when it does if you click out of it the theme disappears

Great game, I love it


The game is great. I love Harry Potter and being able to actually cast spells. My only concern how long it takes for your energy to refill. Why on earth does it take so long?


Twitter, Inc.

It has its flaws


Some messages are not showing up in the app, so I have the badge app icon just sitting there. I had to go to my browser to read the message in order for the icon to disappear. Other then that the app is great and I love the dark mode.


NAVER Z Corporation



I have more then one character and sometimes I switch between them, but what I don’t like is how when I switch back to my main character it doesn’t switch on the other end (my friends), and it won’t switch back.

Log in


Will not let me long in. Deleted once again

So far so good


So far so good. However I don't like that I have to pay to see who likes me or to rewind when I accidentally like someone 🙄



When are you all going to update this app?


Drop Technologies Inc.



Won’t let me log in keeps saying an error has occurred. And I know my password and email are correct. It won’t even let me reset my password

Disappearing comments


Every time I make a comment it disappears and doesn’t show. It will show the number of comments but when I click it my comments won’t show. Other then that it’s a good app


Uber Technologies, Inc.

Slow, WHOLE order wrong


They are extremely slow. I order my food and it’s says between 30-45 minutes. The tine of delivery keeps jumping up, eventually that 30-45 turned in almost 2 hours. I don’t understand that.
Update: Never using this app again. This is the second time my order has been wrong. The first time my chips were missing I didn’t really mind that. But this second time my WHOLE entire order was completely wrong. It was nowhere near what I ordered.



Crashes every time I try to open it



What I want know is why do I have pay $7.99 a week or $19.99 a month for some dang on wallpapers? 🧐

开发者回复 回复时间 2018年11月15日

Hello, thank you for the question. This is a totally free app and all purchases are optional. In order to get your favorite wallpaper on your home screen you just need to watch some short videos from now and then. ;)

It's ok


It has its days sometimes when it acts like it doesn't want to connect. Or in the middle of me scrolling with it, it just disconnects. Now I can’t log into my account, it keeps telling me my information is incorrect.



This app is horrible. I did the 3 free day free trial but I ever time I open the app it asks me if I want to do the trial I click it again and says I already have it but I can’t get the feature. There are no pictures of the celebrities and the voice changer is very delayed. There are long pauses between each word.