Just a rouse to take your money


Don’t get me wrong, the thought and effort that went into designing this app was great! The goal however is just to make something look fancy to get you into thinking this is the real deal to make you buy their ridiculously priced memberships.
You only get to see 3 people per day all of which are usually never a match. The profiles are still filled with bots as well.
The other issue is that their ‘fake’ 20,000 waitlist is just that, fake. Just another rouse to make you think there are quality profiles to match with only to realize you can actually NEVER see your likes unless you pay.
You’re better off sticking with Hinge. This apps is a dumpster fire with a fresh coat of paint.

开发者回复 回复时间 2022年07月06日

Thank you for your review. All purchases on the App are completely optional. Users can Vote, Match, and Chat for free. The people who Like You will be placed in your Daily Batches and if you Heart them back you will Match. We find this creates genuine and authentic Matches. Please email support@theleague.com if you have further questions or feedback. Thank you.


City Dating App LLC

Couldn’t get past the profile create


Saw a new dating app specifically for the Seattle and figured I’d try it out. Turns out I couldn’t get past the profile creation because the app didn’t like that my profile photos were edited iPhone photos or something. Kept giving me an error.
Can’t review the rest of the app because I can’t even upload photos. 😂

开发者回复 回复时间 2021年12月18日

Hello, Thanks for the feedback! 😊 Sounds frustrating but we can help you setup your profile. We haven't heard of this specific issue. If our tutorials at SeattleDatingApp.com/tutorial aren't helpful (especially the "Make A Better Profile" video), just email support@SeattleDatingApp.com with your phone number, a bit more detail on when the issue happens, and screenshots so we can help you quickly! 😊 We want you to find connection on the app, so let's start by getting you signed up! Looking forward to earning your 5 star review 👍!

I’m honestly shocked Tinder hasn’t be sued yet


Whoever owns the Tinder platform and their employees are a bunch of thieves and scam artists. Shadowbanning people without any reason given, forcing you to spend money making you believe you’ll have a chance to be seen by more people.
The app is riddled with bots and people promoting their OnlyFans and Instagrams nor do they care about actually making the matching process easier for men.
Same yourself some time and frustration and try to meet women in person.


Bumble Holding Limited

Bumble Needs a Lot of Work


Bumble entire purpose is for women to make the first move so rarely when you do get a match, all you get is “hey” or “hi” and then they still make the guy do all the work and carry the conversations anyways.
Secondly I’m am constantly seeing the same people I’ve already swiped on over and over again. You would think a massive system bug like this would be a priority to fix instead shoving more and more premium features no one cares about down our throats.
Lastly I’m tired of all the fake profiles, scammers and Instagram spammers these companies don’t seem to be anything about. The words “Insta” “Snapchat” or “Instagram” should be globally banned words and your system should recognize that and delete them. I wish these apps would provide a last seen feature so we know if we’re swiping on a profile that hasn’t even logged into the app in months.
Terrible companies only care about money instead of actually providing a quality service.

开发者回复 回复时间 2021年06月19日

Hi there, fake profiles are 100% not allowed on Bumble. Our moderators work around the clock to ensure that all of our users are authentically representing themselves in the Hive. If you're ever unsure about the authenticity of an account, please report it to us in-app.

Definitely designed to be deleted


The only redeeming quality to this dating over the others is that they let you send a message with your like. The downsides though don’t warrant the one plus at all.
For starters it takes much more time to sort through profiles unlike other apps like Bumble or Tinder. Secondly their algorithm is much more brutal and forces you to swipe through 20+ very obese or unattractive women before getting 1 good one and the cycle repeats.
In other words it’s no different on this app and men will struggle unless they pay for premium services.
Hopefully one day I hope a developer out there wants to actually help people find quality relationships instead of shoving paid services down our throats and cater all these apps to women.

An actual Review


Most of the reviews about this app are just whining that you can’t see likes without paying and yeah that makes sense. You can still swipe on a ton of profiles and see and message your matches perfectly fine for free.
The app works but my only gripe about it is that the developers make no effort at all to remove inactive accounts. I don’t want to see profiles that haven’t logged onto the app in 2 years....
They need to delete or hide inactive accounts until they login again and prove they are still actively using the app otherwise 3Fun does what it says.

开发者回复 回复时间 2020年10月26日

Thanks for taking time to write the review. Yes , we have been dealing the inactive profiles- Profiles that are inactive for 3 months will be changed to disable and these disabled profiles will be removed 2 year later.
We are always improving our app to make it better. If you have any suggestion, feel free to let us know at support@go3fun.co.

Removing features and charging more?


Apparently this app and dating service had been going for years and years but I’ve only used it on and off for about a year now. Never met anyone off here but I find it crazy how bad it’s gotten in just that short time I’ve used it.
So many fake profiles and scammers that are never removed, and now I’ve seen the price hike from $20 all the way up to $35 for premium in the span of a month. Also now that they are charging more they remove the search feature....
I’m literally baffled by this and so am now done with this app.

Okay but could be better


I’ve been using match for several months and didn’t really see any success from it. One of the major problems I have with match is that there are way too many inactive accounts or women who haven’t logged in for while so you just end up eating time liking and writing messages to people you’ll never know even use the service anymore.
I’d like to see more features built so that my recommended matches actually still use the service.
The best thing I like about Match though is the ability to like and message people even if they haven’t liked you back. It’s a great way to reach out to someone who may of potentially missed a great person.
Regardless of how well you present yourself on any dating app though for most men it’s brutal out there. Women just always want to find the best so average looking guys like myself who aren’t tall are just wasting money it feels like.
I tried to take advantage of every service they offered while a member like talking to match coaches, using boosts, getting my profile reviewed and they couldn’t find anything wrong; in fact they said I had a well above average profile yet I didn’t get matches or a date.
I think I’ve just accepted the fact I’m going to be one of those unlucky souls that stays single forever and are unable to find love.
Good luck to everyone else.