With IsI Notebook you can quickly write and read notes. IsI Notebook is a small notepad app. With IsI Notebook data can be stored and retrieved rapidly on two different notepads. As in-app purchase more functions can be activated. For just 99 cent each user has access to 3 more notepads (6 in total) and can change the font size and font (5 different fonts). You also have the option to remove all ads from the app. This app is based on my findings from the IsI notepad that can also be downloaded here in the AppStore. The main difference to the classic notepad is that two different text fields can be filled at the same time (like a book). So you have the opportunity to save more different notes on one screen. I did not implement more functions because I want to continue to develop the app in collaboration with the users. So test the app and tell me what features you would like to have for the future and I will try to develop this. But feel free to give my app a positive feedback if you like it ;)