What do you get if you take the classic Mahjong Solitaire game, remove all the old fashioned oriental nonsense and give it a snazzy 80's 8-bit retro facelift? Mahjong Revolutions, that's what!! With 50 increasingly difficult levels to master, Mah Jong Revolutions will keep you amused for ages. It plays like the original game. You must remove pairs of matching tiles, the trick being that the tiles are at either end of a row of tiles. Of course, we have added a few new features in as well, just to mix things up. There is also a four channel randomly generated 8-bit ambient soundtrack to listen to as you play. It continually morphs and (in theory) never plays out the same way twice. There is even a bit of a story thrown in to tie the levels together, with a hint of the Moroccan for no reason. It also features achievements and leaderboards, so you can compare your progress with your friends. There are in-app purchases but in a good way. You can play as much as you like without running out of time or energy.