A pocket vintage camera app for photographers. Retain the color and grain of old roll film that has been discontinued. Now we have provide several film rolls & frames, and we will send new roll film and frames Irregularly. - Fuji Reala 500D : discontinued Roll film with excellent comprehensive quality, warm and rich color, suitable for shooting in any environment. - Kodak Gold 200 Roll film with excellent comprehensive quality, warm and rich color, suitable for shooting in any environment. - Kodak Portra 160 Containing gold material in this filmroll, but the price is very friendly. When shooting in warm light, it shows a little golden, like sunshine. - Fuji Velvia 50 World's top-level roll film for landscape photo, with vivid colors, especially suitable for shooting in the afternoon daylight. - Agfa Ultra 50 The most saturated roll film in the world, suitable for shooting in cloudy, foggy or other environments with low color contrast. - Agfa Vista 800 : discontinued Low contrast, feels like haze, suitable for shooting in any environment. - Kodak Vision3 250D Professional roll film for movie, popular in Hollywood directors, which has been used to make lots of famous films and is suitable for shooting in any environment. - Ilford HP5+ 400 Black-and-white roll film for documentary and humanistic photography, with rough and sharp grains and distinct color levels. - Fuji Superia 100 : discontinued Famous Fuji green in the daylight, suitable for snapshot in daylight. - Kodak Tri-X 400 The best-selling black-and-white roll film in the world, most photographers love it. - Kodak Ektar 100 The most superfine roll film in the world with sharp and vivid color, highly contrast, and the red tone is very outstanding. - Lomography 800 A vintage roll film from Lomography, highly contrast, very nice for night street shoot. #About auto-renewing subscriptions Filmroll now provides member subscription with two kinds of period length:$0.49 for monthly subscription and $3.99 for yearly subscription. Payment: payment will be recorded in iTunes after user confirms.  Payment cancellation: please cancel 24 hours before expiration date of the current subscription. Please manually cancel automatic payment renewal in Settings in iTunes/Apple ID. If you cancel within the 24 hours before expiration day, you will be charged for the subscription.  Renewal: Apple iTunes will automatically deduct 24 hours before expiration day. Subscription will renew for another period after payment is deducted from your account. All user data will comply with privacy policy and user agreement, review the links below for more details. Terms of Use: https://www.yoodoo.tech/lastfilm-terms-of-use.html Privacy policy: https://www.yoodoo.tech/lastfilm-privacy-policy.html