40 cameras/films to restore your ultimate photography and video experience. Beauty, thin face, big eyes, light leakage, double exposure, Fish eye, scattered view. enlarge photos, and you can see film grain~ #TOK CAM © 2020-2023 #Viewfinder This is a film camera, including an adaptive zoom / fixed focal length camera. It has an ultra wide angle, a wide angle and a telephoto lens. It can also support the viewfinder of 3:4 / 1:1 / 17:6 / 3:2 different frames. #Import Support photo import and restore film effect. #Import video Support video import and restore film and movie effects. #Particle regulation Film particles can choose to adjust the style to make better film texture. #Radial virtualization The filter design is inspired by Florent's classic nokton lens, which simulates a very beautiful rotating scattered scene. #Light leakage series To restore the real film camera, we turn on the filter of the light leakage series. #Double exposure It refers to multiple exposures on the same negative. It is a skill that many people must play when contacting the camera. Mysterious and unspeakable visual effects often make people indulge in it. #Color filtering Filter effects are filtered and retained in real time to experience different shooting fun. #Ghosting Fantasy film online, classic reproduction and ghosting. #Shift axis Add more ways to play. We are trying to achieve some special film camera effects to meet the curiosity of users. #Beauty / thin face The beauty effect of film camera adds thin face and big eyes effect for high-end models of 11 and above to meet the needs of dare beauty. #EV regulation To restore the photographing experience of the real film camera, we have added EV adjustment function to the camera. #EXIF information We provide photography lovers with functions such as obtaining film camera photo EXIF information and modifying location information, so that users can participate in photography more comfortably. TOK CAM series film (40) Super SE 400 Shirley 200 EKR 500 Tokcam 2020 Film 100t BWchrome 64 HK 23t Natural 400 Mono 400 Crush 64 TE-S 70 Christ-mas Nice2cu Shining 400 Soul 64 Wade 160 Clear 100 Foodie 80 Skye 320 Echo 125 Ghost 320 Dark 160 Distorted TV 400 Lomography 800 Swirly 1840 Instax 120 Kodak 200 Beauty 400 Kira 160t Ektar 120 Soda 320 TE-Z 70 UItra 64 Fisheye 400 Exposure 50 TE-Lens 400 INS F Camera 503CW H35 Camera N2(New) TOK CAM - Analog Camera is a portable film camera application. It adopts a unique design style to restore a comfortable film camera photographing experience from the hand feel, vibration feedback, photo paper, film frame and time of the camera. Tok cam has different filters, which can truly restore the texture of the film camera from the color and grain sense. A carefully made film camera.