This app takes you where other navigation Apps can't ! This is the "must have" tool to locate yourself easily whether it be in a town/ city, whilst out hiking, on a boat... • Need directions ? Lost? • Want to know in which direction to go and how far you are from your destination? • Want to find your car, return to your starting point? • Always know where you are and where you are going. • Locate important places (buildings, mountains, beaches ...) nearby or faraway. Search for an address in an intuitive way: you can type "Buckingham Palace", "Golden gate bridge", "58 wall street, New York", "Punta Cana" or "Taj Mahal", the app understands almost everything! Magic, the map IS a compass and orients itself automatically. Zoom, Unzoom the map, find your exact position in your district, your city or your country. Never get lost again: Your current address is displayed at the touch of a button. Requires an internet connection. Remember to calibrate the compass for the iPhone every time you start the app. Stay away from electromagnetic interferences. See instructions for details.