Hundreds of media and hundreds of thousands of game player unanimously recommended, perfect defense strategy and fusion, the best interpretation of the classic and feelings. This is the wisdom of the world, which is the stage of strategic competition, which is so far the most able to find a set of the most deep strategy hand travel masterpiece! New concept of reverse tower defense, independent road tower defense mode, into pure strategy gameplay is the island contend for hegemony ".
The island to strive for hegemony "also has a lovely Q version of world wind screen, single level of nearly 200 whimsy, let you truly experience the infinite fun tower defense strategy. Rich and vivid alliance system to create a tour of new patterns of interaction, can help the Raiders have a checkpoint in Allied hands, can receive the Allies made to accelerate the Corps support, more able to receive allies sent the large diamond envelopes, join the island, no longer lonely!

The reverse tower, the wise man is king
The island to strive for hegemony "is a combination of traditional tower defense and reverse tower defense offensive play, players need to build their islands on the sea, and based on the self built roads and set all kinds of buildings; and at the time of the attack from the initial landing point, the player needs along the waterproof design of defending the offensive, so to achieve a double play offensive and defensive.

Warmth alliance, hand in hand
Strategic game alliance system can also be so exciting! Internationally the island hegemony "of the alliance system is not a simple collection, more closely related to the course of the game, Raiders levels to assist, soldiers made to accelerate the completion and alliance envelopes issued three big game so full of warmth and love within the union, alliance is more exclusive gameplay and thus output of the exclusive defense tower, let your island unbreakable. Join the "island hegemony" alliance, and the game player from all corners of the country together to build a better home!

Ever-changing, routine first
Art of war said "act according to circumstances, water is potential", "island hegemony" tactics presented will make you hooked. Here has more than 200 different map levels, a variety of difficult challenges, never give any chance to win. No rolling said the island strives for hegemony ", again the strong strength, clever use of all kinds of routines, it will only be a dead end. So how can we win? Speed to open the brain hole!

Global with the service, the master duel
Based on the long-term operation of the operation and maintenance of travel support experience, the island hegemony to open a grand global service model, so that domestic strategic master can be achieved with the overseas players face. Is the so-called experts gathered, the wise man is king, together with the global players to share this wonderful.