Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

A Wizarding World Adventure!
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The graphic is so bad

By haugejs   


2021.09.26 11:03:38
Will the game ever be beat

By rach1960   

Now don’t come for me…I got this game the week it came out. That was 2017? Almost 4 years later, I’m still playing this game- only from time to time. It’s definitely a pay to play game, and it’s real easy to fall for those in app purchases sometimes. But the wait time for the energy buildup to do tasks (5 stars of energy to “Laugh”, 3 stars of energy to “Think”) is ridiculous and has me closing the app for months at a time. The only reason I go back to it is my personal need to see something through to the end. However this game… Does. Not. End. Even if I was playing daily- I was in Year 5 for a literal whole year of reality. I’ve been in Year 6 for probably the same amount of time. It’s like they just keep adding on, as if we don’t have places to be. Dang it just let me get to the end (year 7) so I can graduate!! I got through college faster than I’ve gotten through this game. I haven’t touched it in months out of pure laziness and frustration, the story line is dwindling and repetitive. I often wonder if anyone is in year 7 at all, if they have even bothered to keep it downloaded to this point.
The pets and magical creatures are the only thing that keeps me coming back. Like “ope, gotta go feed and bond with my kelpie”

2021.09.26 08:10:03
I hate this so much!

By aalleexx2-o   

I hate Hogwarts mystery it might be the worst Harry Potter game ever and here’s why 😡
1 knowledge points and courage points:
Ok so here’s one thing that happened with these (also I didn’t include empathy points cuz I regrettably have a lot of them)
So I was having a meal with Rowan and we were talking about dumbledoor I answered every answer right but got 0 points! Know why?, because I didn’t have enough knowledge points! And rowen said that I had a lot to learn about dumbledoor when I got I got every answer right! And I know a bunch about him
2 to little choices:
Ok so for all of these I will be doing stuff that happened to me and this one is: ok so my character not me my character wanted to duel merula and I promised flitwick I wouldn’t duel on the school grounds and then the game forces me to duel on the school ground 😐 I chose the option to say that I promised flitwick and I still ended up dueling and I got in trouble for it!!
3 bad choices:
Ok still on the “choices” note: so when this isn’t something that happened… it’s something that happens alot so just in general say Snape took points away from my house the choices are “say sorry” “blame someone else” “yell at snape” see? Not good choices another example is when I can only say one thing this is something that happened to me before: mcgonnagle asked me if I wanted to do some advanced outdoor transfiguration lessons I went to choose “yes” but I couldn’t I had to say no because I don’t have enough points ( I forget if it was courage or knowledge points)
4 cringe animations:
There are a lot of them to much to count so I’m not going to give an example now I’m sure there are more reasons why but I won’t list them

2021.09.26 07:48:42
Amazing game, but…


Ok. I’m not going to rant about my personal love of harry potter and I’ll get to the point.
- Great Graphics
- You can choose so many different paths!
- the story line is addicting
- there’s a lot of diversity in what character traits you can have, what looks to choose, and you can even choose which classes you are good or bad in!
Cons (things that NEED to be addressed!):
- THE TIME NEEDED TO WAIT ON ENERGY!!! For ONE energy you have to wait FOUR ENTIRE MINUTES! To get a full bar of energy, you need 27 ENERGIES! So, you have to wait a total of 108 MINUTES (1 hour and 48 minutes) TO GET ENOUGH TO COMPLETE 2/3 OF A LESSON!!! NOT TO MENTION THERE ARE MULTIPLE LESSONS, QUESTS, AND BONDING TIMES THAT YOU NEED THOSE ENERGIES!
- THE PRICES ON CLOTHES AND HAIR IS RIDICULOUS! I have had this game for a while now, and I am unable to buy a lot of the clothes and hair that make me look like me! It’s kinda disappointing, really.
- DEDUCTION OF POINT FOR ‘LOW’ EMPATH/BRAVERY/LOGIC! When I try to bond with my friends on the game, I can’t even get two stars full because it deducts points for ‘low’ empathy/bravery/logic. I get why it would do this, but I got extremely mad when it deducted me points from my empathy (which was at level 7 at the time and my highest attribute).
Other than the cons tho, its a great game and totally recommend!
P.S. The cons are the reason I quit playing the game a while back.

2021.09.26 06:55:28
It’s OK….

By #Warriorsrule#   

Everything it awesome!!! There are so many details!! Except when we have to wait 4 MINUTES FOR ONE DUMB ENERGY!!! I mean, if we are waiting 4 MINUTES I would at least give away 3 energy per 4 mins and that’s all I have against this game for now….

2021.09.26 06:08:17
Will never load! 🥺

By Macandcheeseisgreat   

I love this game, but there is one problem… It never loads! I can never get into the game. I have tried deleting it and reinstalling it but it never works. I love this game so much and I’m upset that I can’t play it anymore. Please fix if you can!

2021.09.26 04:55:47
I love the game

By dbcshtfg   

But the only two things for me is I wish it charge the energy faster & when we trying to get a magical creatures it show on the list if we have enough books to get them

2021.09.26 01:07:29
Good, but needs to be improved..

By :..:|<|>|<dezz   

I liked the game, I really did, it’s just that when I would play it my game would freeze or it would kick me out, also you should change the graphics of the game. Thank you..

2021.09.25 22:15:38
Good game

By fatemehssh   

Hi.I have apdat this game.but game can not open.what should I do?????can tou help me???????

2021.09.25 21:52:06
Energy or lack there of

By Moneysaver919   

Love love love the game but the energy being soo low is killing me. I can’t even finish a task. There had to be a better way

2021.09.25 18:34:38
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