Your trustworthy barman does not remember how to make your favorite cocktail? Do you want to try a new cocktail and savor new tastes? Do not you remember the name of a cocktail that you liked so much? You're a barman and you always have to tap the recipes for creating cocktails? You so want a cocktail with rum? Or with the fruit? Now you can, with the application Cocktail! You'll always have your favorite cocktails in your pocket! You can search by ingredient, by type, liquor... all in one app! And now there is also the version for Apple Watch, you have control of your favorite recipes on your wrist. It is possible to add your own recipe for a cocktail, the case where it was not present. You can also share on Facebook, Twitter, send by e-mail, sms or simply copy them! See also a guide on all the used glasses for cocktails, with several tips inside! Very useful! Remember to drink with caution. All recipes of cocktails, were found online. The names and brands mentioned are the property of their respective manufacturers and companies.