Bodivis program is leaded by a team from Tsinghua University. After a decade of researching, they finally developed a data mode and code algorithm. It can also display many other data like: body weight, body fatty rate, muscle, skeletal muscle, bone, entrails fatty index and specific diet and exercise suggestion to make you know yourself better. Functions 【Real-time evaluation】Analyzing the components of our body in detail and handle the real-time health data. 【Exercise and diet】Managing the diet and sport scientifically to help you build a solid foundation in fit keeping. 【Health trend】Text is everyday and you can get the clear trend of your health. 【Member management】Knowing and managing the health condition of your families. 【Goals setting】Setting scientific weight reduction goal; be responsible for your health. 【Use cooperatively with hard wares】Bodivis smart composition scale. Visit for more details Service tel:86 10 8289 9697 Business cooperation: