Trust & Safety in the palm of your hand. • Input & Inspect. It's really that simple. Input a domain or IP address using the TLS Inspector app, or inspect any website from within your favourite browser using our Inspect Website extension. • No Nonsense Results. "At a glance" has never been easier. TLS Inspector will show you the entire issue chain for any website, and whether or not your device trusts that chain. • Dive Deep. Details for days. View important properties of any TLS certificate including fingerprints, dates, algorithms, and more. • Stay Safe Online. No training required. TLS Inspector makes it easy to detect and avoid man-in-the-middle attacks on unsafe networks by highlighting invalid and untrustworthy certificates. • Right Place, Right Time. Inspect nearly anything from anywhere. Easily access TLS Inspector from other apps, such as Safari, with the Show Certificates share sheet action. TLS Inspector is free & libre open source software (FLOSS) with source code available on GitHub.