Cardiogram is a heart rate monitor and symptom tracker that helps you detect and manage chronic health conditions. See minute-by-minute heart rate information collected by your smartwatch, not just a summary. Set customized heart rate alerts for high and low readings. Use interactive, color-coded charts (with pinch-to-zoom) of your heart rate data, step counts, time-stamped symptoms, and medication. Search your symptom history to make connections between your symptoms, triggers, medications, how you're feeling, and your heart rate information. Get weekly risk scores for hypertension, sleep apnea, and diabetes. By connecting Apple Health, Cardiogram will pull in ECG and Blood Pressure readings to have a comprehensive report of your symptoms and readings to share with your doctor. You can also connect a family member to your account so they can see your data. We take your privacy seriously. We use healthcare-grade encryption and we don't sell your data. HEART RATE/PULSE MONITOR & HEART ANALYZER • A digital diary of your heart rate data. See how your pulse changes with interactive, instant heart rate graphs. • Track your health with a comprehensive breakdown of all your data points with symptoms and mood logging • Highlight and make notes on any section of your heart health data to identify spikes or dips in your heart rate • See your trends in Smart Metrics with personalized recommendations for lifestyle changes to improve your scores SYMPTOM TRACKING • Track unlimited custom symptoms in seconds using time-stamped tags • Symptoms are connected to your heart rate and step counts • Customize the symptoms you want to track and group into categories • Share a report of your symptoms and related heart rate data with your doctor. Your doctor can use this objective history data to speed diagnosis or manage an existing condition • Download your data into a spreadsheet (CSV format) • Enrich your data with time-stamped, daily journal entries ECG AND BLOOD PRESSURE READINGS Cardiogram receives ECG and blood pressure readings through the Apple Health app. • If you take an ECG reading using your Apple watch, you can see the results directly within the Cardiogram app and it will be included with your doctor report. • Using an Apple Health-compatible Bluetooth blood pressure cuff, readings will be imported into the Cardiogram app, connected to that day's data. RISK REPORT CARDS FOR HYPERTENSION, SLEEP APNEA, AND DIABETES • Track personalized risk scores to see how your health is changing over time and how different habits are affecting your risk. • Scores are generated by our clinically validated AI algorithm using factors such as age, sex, height/weight, and metrics collected from your smart watch. SLEEP TRACKING • We retrieve sleep tracking data directly from the Apple Health, Fitbit, or Garmin Connect apps and show this information in the context of your heart rate. APPLE WATCH COMPANION APP • View your instant heart rate or view your daily heart rate chart on your wrist • View your heart rate in real-time while working out • View daily metrics like resting HR, peak HR, low HR, steps, and sleep BPM SUPPORTED LANGUAGES Cardiogram is only available in English at this time. SUPPORTED DEVICES include smartwatches with a heart rate sensor including: Any Apple Watch Garmin Epix, Fenix, Forerunner, Instinct, Venu, Vivoactive, Vivosmart series Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, Watch 4, Watch 4 Classic Fitbit Charge, Versa, Sense, Inspire, Luxe Series Fossil Julianna HR, Carlyle HR, Sport, Venture HR, Explorist HR, Q series Google Pixel Watch Huawei Watch 1 and 2 LG Watch Sport Misfit Vapor Moto 360 Sport New Balance RunIQ Polar M600 Ticwatch S, E, and Pro Cardiogram is currently a subscription-only service with a 30-day free trial for new users. Terms of Service: Privacy Policy: