For those who want to experience Gudak but can’t afford the paid version, we have released a version of Gudak Lite that lets you experience it. The 'outdated' camera has the meaning of an 'old worn' camera as its original meaning. We hope to be able to bring back the thrill of collecting Gudak at the moment of the digital era where I am accustomed to picking the right photo in the numerous photographs taken. Just like the excitement you felt when you printed a film camera, Gudakbook lets you experience that time again. Unlike the Gudak paid version, Lite version is available for membership and ad viewing only. In addition, some features provided by the paid version may be restricted for use with the Lite version. ※ You can only use brand(le coqsportif) film in Korea. [Authority Description] ■ Required Access Rights -Camera: permission to use camera to take photos Storage device: Read / write external storage for taking, saving, and loading photos ■ Selective Access * You can use the service even if you do not agree to the access rights. -Location: location information access authority to tag location information on a photo