AirDroid Parental Control App is an app to keep your kids safe in the physical world and online, and help them build healthy digital habits. It boasts of incredible features, such as remotely monitoring your kid's device surroundings, screencasting, screen time control, games & apps blocking, Sync notifications & SMS, location tracking, instant alerts, and much more. ◆ Remotely Monitor Your Kid's Device Surroundings - Keep your kids safe without following them anywhere and anytime - See the background with the cameras of your kids' device - Listen to the environment through the microphones of your kids' device ◆ Screen Mirroring Cast your kid's device screen to your phone, so that you can remotely monitor their online activities in real-time Ensure your child’s digital activities are risk-free ◆ Screen Time Control - Instant Lock: Lock all apps on kids' device with one click. - Schedule Screen Time: Have a schedule for the time your children can access their devices to help them build healthy digital habits. - Screen Time Limited: Set exactly how much screen time they get every day. ◆ App/Game blocker and Schedule - Block or restrict specific inappropriate apps and new apps - Set a schedule for the time your children can access certain apps. You can also set exactly how much screen time they use on certain apps every day. - Send an instant alert when your children try to open blocked apps or games ◆ Sync App Notifications Monitor social media apps' notifications, such as WhatsApp, Line, and Facebook Messenger, to stop cyberbullying and online fraud timely ◆ Location Tracker & GPS Tracker - Find your kids’ current location - Track your kids’ location history by timeline ◆ Geofence Get alerts when your child enters or leaves the geo-fenced zones you set ◆ Various Instant Alerts - Know whether your kids' device have enough battery - Get notifications if there's no data update for a long time ◆ Apps Details and Activities - Check apps installed on your kids' device - Check whether the apps are safe for kids ◆ Activity Report - View your kids' device daily activities - Learn which apps have been used and the length of time - Know whether your kids are addicted to some apps - Check if your kids' devices are invaded by malware ---------------------- Please make sure you have read the following before you use AirDroid Parental Control. Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: Payment Terms: ---------------------- Contact Us: If you have any problems or queries, please contact us: Try Free Now! AirDroid Parental Control lets you enjoy a free trial for up to 14 days.