Algorithms don't create connections, people do. Social credibility means MUCH fewer liars, cheaters and - shall we say - “professional” daters. Social credibility = more signal, less noise. MatchMe precisely targets this problem in the dating world. No fancy algorithms or AI at work here. We rely on you and your friends’ Emotional Intelligence not Artificial Intelligence. After all, who knows you better? An algorithm or your grandmother, or favorite cousin, or your pal from work? You won’t see profiles of lots sparkly, pretty people whom you’ve got absolutely no connection to on this dating app. First, you ask those of your friends and family (and only those you want to ask) to help out as your Matchmaker. Then, they invite in singles to introduce to you. It’s really that simple. We totally respect your privacy rights and your data security. Really. You are ALWAYS in control at MatchMe. We will never sell your data or post anything to any of your social networks or any other app without your express direction. Finally, MatchMe is a dream to make everyone find the love of their life through human connections.