Shortcode is a usefull tool for Xcode developers. It is like Xcode's project navigator on iOS enabling you to quickly open source files in Xcode from your iOS device. Communication between your iOS device and your desktop machine runs via USB, Shortcode plugs right into it's desktop counterpart that is in turn responsible for opening the right files and selecting the right line in Xcode. Apart from the project navigator Shortcode contains a superclass navigator, used for navigating source files ordered by their superclasses and an elements tab, that shows the summary of the selected or active source file's content. Shortcode allows you to find your files quicker and easier, what may be the best feature to achieve this might be the Shortcodes tab: when projects tend to grow it sometimes is hard to find the stuff you're looking for. By adding comments in sourcefiles using the following syntax: // SHORTCODE: label Shortcode catches all of your shortcuts throughout your project, clicking them will automatically open the right file at the corresponding line number in Xcode. Shortcode's desktop counterpart is available for free at It lives inside your menubar and looks similar to { }. Please note: Shortcode is free to download and use however some features are limited. In-app-purchase is available to enable all of Shortcode's features.