Pre-shift stretching and warm-up exercises reduce the risk of injuries at work developed by occupational physiotherapists. Increase flexibility Stretching maintains body flexibility. It develops and maintains mobility and muscle strength. Reduce Fatigue Stretching increases blood supply and nutrients to joint structures and soft tissues. Stretching gives soft tissues greater elasticity. Stretching increases joint synovial fluid that allows greater range of motion and reduces joint degeneration. Stretching decreases tightness and resistance in tendons and muscles. Relieve pain Stretching improves the blood circulation of muscles and joints, which can help healing and releasing pain. It's a natural but essential way to treat pain and decrease fatigue and stress. Improve Posture Reduces the effects of poor postural habits. Helps achieve & maintain good posture in activities of daily living. Promote a positive team culture Completing pre-shift stretches as a team promotes positive health and safety and team culture at your workplace. It shows people that you care about their wellbeing. Providing the time for your employees to prepare their body for work will help address employee engagement issues that occur when employees don’t believe the company cares about them. Features Stretching exercises cover all muscle groups and are suitable for anybody: men, women, young and old A daily stretching routine is selected based on your occupation Voice coach with a video demonstration of each stretch No equipment needed The disclaimer: The purpose of the App is to show you and to take you through the undertaking of warm-up stretches for the purpose of either assisting in the recovery from a previous injury, the prevention of aggravation of a previous injury, or the sustaining of new or further injury in the course of performing duties of employment and your general wellbeing. The exercises are general in nature and are not tailored to your particular circumstances or condition. The exercises are not prescribed or supervised by a medical practitioner or a qualified physiotherapist or a personal trainer. We recommend that you seek medical advice if you are concerned about any pre-existing health condition in addition to using this App and before making any medical decisions. Records your daily workout automatically