Organize your life with notes + lists + reminders. **SPECIAL** Install now for 6 free fonts & themes! ⁕ Apple - Best New App ⁕ MacLife - "Stunning. Raises the bar for all others in its class." ⁕ CNET - "I can tell that the developers put extra thought into UpWord Notes." DESCRIPTION ----------------- It's how notes on iOS should work. A unique swipe-gesture manages task lists and adds formatting in a snap. One-tap reminders ensure that you revisit a note later. Folders & favorites keep you organized, while Dropbox syncs notes between devices. Once you see how productive your everyday notes can be, you'll wonder how you lived without UpWord! FEATURES ------------- • Swipe List: efficiently create lists, cross off as done, and highlight as important, all with a swipe • One-Tap Reminders: faster than ever to save a note or task for later, includes repeating reminders • Repeating reminders* • Organize with folders & shortcuts* • Sync notes across devices with Dropbox • Optimized for iPhone AND iPad (universal) • Save to Evernote • Multi-level undo & redo • Multiple font sizes • Cloud backup, version control, and retrieve deleted notes via Dropbox sync (all free) • Opens straight to a new note to capture ideas faster (turn on in "Settings") • TextExpander support • Markdown preview mode • Full-text search (titles & note contents) • Word count • Export to pdf, email, text, or even facebook/twitter • Landscape typing • Full suite of x-url-callback actions • Night mode, for typing in the dark • Link mode makes phone #'s and website url's tappable • Sort files by chronological or alphabetical order • Archive keeps your workspace clean without permanently deleting • TaskPaper features like @done, tab swipes, and .taskpaper extensions ** For the tech-savvy who were wondering, UpWord uses UTF-8 encoded plain-text with Unix style line breaks. Our plain-text files will work with any modern text editor, so there's no format lock-in. * In-app purchases: Almost all of UpWord is available without charge (free!). The following features are unlocked via IAP: bonus themes/fonts/sounds, repeating reminders, shortcuts, syncing shortcuts & reminders, passcode lock