Unleash your survival mode with this highly interactive Fun Race 3d: Multiplayer. Check it out now! Fun racing adventure Set on a fun-filled racing adventure with your friends or play solo to challenge your survival reflexes with this exciting game. Filled with tons of exciting gameplay elements, this game is designed to get the adrenaline pumping through your bloodstream. In every level have new unique logics and experience. Very easy to play. Hold to run, Release to stop. New elements every day Apply a new strategy every day by following unique game logic and experience. Use smooth tap and release game controls to clear the levels. Choose new characters and enjoy the winning animation at every level. Smooth game controls Eliminate the hassle of lag-filled, sloe gameplay as this 3D runner is designed to offer you the most responsive gameplay and smooth controls. Hold your breath as you move from one barrier to next. You will never know what is coming! How to play Fun Race 3d: Multiplayer: - Download and launch the game - Pick your characters - Hit the play button - Hold to run and release to stop - Overcome stampeded to survive Features of Fun Race 3d: Multiplayer: - Highly interactive graphics and appealing design elements - 3D view of the game zone for a boosted thrill - Adventurous fun racer game - New challenges at every step of the way - Filled with tough levels and stampedes - Overcome the fear of the unknown barricades - Practice your survival skills - Exciting new game characters to choose from - Amazing animations to double the fun - Smooth controls and responsive gameplay - Increase your score and set a new record Would you like to experience the thrill of an action-filled 3D Racer game? Download Fun Race 3d: Multiplayer today!