Control your Underfloor Heating System whilst on the move or about the house. The Nu-Heat app is a convenient way to:  * Turn down the heating without leaving the sofa  * Warm the house before you get home  * Switch on the hot water boost before taking a shower  * Quickly hold the room temperature for a few hours longer  * Save energy by adjusting your heating times  Multi Room Functions  * Room Titles for Easy Reference  * Lock one or multiple rooms  * Edit the Comfort Levels in each room * Apply a temperature hold to one or multiple rooms  * Place your System into Home or Away Mode (Turns the system off)  * Place your System into Summer Mode (Turns off the heating, leaving the HW to run as normal)  – Home convenience  The app allows you to control your heating from anywhere in your home.  – Use it Anywhere  Securely control your heating from any location. If you’re leaving the office early, use the Nu-Heat app to turn on your heating in time for your arrival.  You will need a router with port forwarding and a fixed IP address or the use of a Dynamic DNS. – Holiday mode & Parties  Off on holiday for a few weeks? No problem, use the Holiday mode to keep your heating ticking over while you’re away.  Having a party later? Keep the room at a comfortable temperature all evening.