Does your baby want to play with your mobile phone all the time? Then Baby Real Phone is your solution, since being an incredible phone simulator for babies, allows them to play while they learn. Your baby can play with the phone simulator he/she will not notice any difference. Call all the friends Tuki-tuki, leonard and doggy a cute dog also you can have a emoji conversation in the chat app, don’t forget to play music in the music app.

 Blow up balloons with different things inside in the balloon app.

 The toy phone also has incredible applications such as the candy busting game. Play in the planet application where you can spin the world and pop many stars with cute animations. Travel through space and discover charming surprises. Let your child make music on your phone or tablet. It is very fun for all children to sit and learn to play musical instruments with real sounds of drum, xylophone and piano. And also he/she can make some paintings in the painting app. This game was created so that the children learn and play at the same time. Try this fantastic game with many animations and colors to keep your child entertained.