Lemonade stickers for iMessages allows you to express yourself in Messages like never before with unique, emotive stickers that peel and place right over message bubbles, photos, and even other stickers! With Lemonade you can change the size of your stickers, add spectacularly animated bubble effects, and layer stickers together with friends to create colorful, creative screens. Offering a thoughtfully curated catalog of funny, expressive sticker packs and beautiful emoji reactions in a variety of skin tones, Lemonade turns every messaging conversation into a fun and exciting experience, curating some of the most popular stickers for iMessage. Send cute animals, kawaii manga style chibis, food stickers, emotional smiley face icons, and happy cartoon images, including: Noms — Pile on the pizza, bacon, fries and avocado; sticker noms for every appetite Drumpf vs. Chillary — Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in a literal face off for the presidency Happy Hour — Pop some champagne or turn up with a cocktail, here’s your recipe for a good time Caturday — the best day of the week for an irreverent coven of silly, rollicking cats Fluffy the Corgi — see this adorable dog hop, jump, and chase his way into your heart Pandamonium — a selfie-loving, pillow-drooling, precious, bubbly panda Hip Hooters — a snazzy pack of sharply dressed baby owlets Mischievous Molly — a hysterical, energetic girl and your new personal avatar Who Gives a Fox? — an adorable fox family (though we’re still not sure what they say) Bunilla Ice — a bratty, rebellious bunny punk who’s not afraid to cross the line Easily share iMessage stickers with Lemonade via Twitter, Facebook, Email, or Messages to spread the love! Please note that in-app purchases may be required to unlock additional sticker packs. Have any problems using Lemonade? Email us at support@getthatlemonade.com. We're here to help! Some illustrations have been provided by the incredibly talented team at http://emojione.com