Predator & Coyote Calls is a convenient soundboard tool for your predator hunting experience. With Predator & Coyote Calls, not only can you play Coyote, Predator, and Squirrel calls, but you can also: 1) TIME and LOOP your favorite hunting sounds. 2) MIX multiple calls all at once. ALL calls can be looped on a timer! FEATURES: -11 Coyote Sounds -5 Fox and Red Fox Sounds -16 Bird Sounds Turkey, Crows, Flicker, Chicken, Magpie, Woodpecker 24 Rodent Sounds Cottontail, Jackrabbit, Utah Jackrabbit, Mouse, Mouse Squeaking, Squirrel 16 Whitetail Deer and Elk Sounds Buck Bawl, Doe, Doe Bleat, Elk Bugle, Elk Howl, Cow and Longhorn Sounds -Play calls only once if you wish -Loop your favorite calls to use on a timer loop, simply time the loop to the timing of your choice and press “Start Loop” -Combine and mix as many timed loop calls as you want! USAGE: If you simply wish to play a call one time for testing purposes or if you wish to only play a call one time, just press the big play button for each call. Otherwise, to get started with a time looped call press the text field and input your desired time, then press “Start Loop”. For example, if you input 45 and press “Start Loop”, the call will loop every 45 seconds unless you press “Stop Loop”. It is recommended to not mix more than 2-3 calls. If you overly mix calls, it might scare away your target(s)! It is recommended that you do a bit of research on the net about using Coyote, Predator, and Squirrel calls if you have no experience using hunting calls. CALL GROUPS: -Coyote and Fox Calls (16 Calls) -Rodent Calls (16 Calls) -Big Game Calls (16 Calls) -Bird Calls (16 Calls) -Squirrel Calls (8 Calls) It is recommended to use an external Bluetooth speaker(s) when using Predator & Coyote Calls. Be sure you have your Bluetooth turned on and speaker connected if you use this app with Bluetooth speakers.