Do you love playing word puzzle games? Do you enjoy linking letters, infinite word search,filling out crosswords, or solve jumbled letters in alphabet soup? If you do, you will love our new game: Bakery Connect Word Puzzle! It’s a fun and addictive game where you have to link alphabet cookies to create meaningful words. You can learn new words, improve your basic spelling, and enjoy exploring the best bakery in the Word town. Collect ingredients, bake letter cookies, and serve them to your customers! Our word link word puzzle game is created for people who enjoy casual game and learning new vocabularies. This is a very addictive game that is also relaxing that you can play anytime you want! There are many levels to conquer so you won’t ever run out of puzzles to play. Of course there are many casual games you might enjoy. Perhaps you already play word scapes, whizzle game, crush letters, word seek, anagram or word crossy. We think that you might like our jumbled word solver too! In this game you just need to find the words with the letters in the alphabet soup you are presented with. Each level you will discover different letters and alphabets. Create words based on these letters by swiping your fingers and connecting the alphabets. If you don’t know anymore, you can simply try and guess. This is a great way to learn new vocab and practice spelling too! HOW TO PLAY: Connect letters to create a word. You must connect and spell the number of words according to the requirement to pass each level. ========================================== BAKERY CONNECT WORD PUZZLE GAME FEATURES: ========================================== • Enjoy our word seek game for FREE & play at anytime, anywhere. • Awesome graphic & game environment inspired by cookies, sweets, and bakery. • Upbeat background music and sound effects. • Fun, addictive, and educational game for all ages. • Incremental difficulties from one level to the next. • Simple game control: swipe to connect letters. • Get coins as rewards. • Adjust your game preference on Settings • Use your coins to get Hints when you hit a dead end. • Rank up and share your rank to friends on Social Media! Our Word Link Puzzle is great for kids and adults. Kids who just learn to spell will enjoy playing the beginner levels and they can learn spelling while playing and exploring our great bakery. Adults will find the later levels more suitable for them and then they will be challenged as our word seek game gets harder and harder. The colorful and fun game graphic and sounds will make our game even more enjoyable! We promise you will never get bored. So, what are you waiting for? Simply try and play. We hope you have a great time playing and linking up letters to collect the ingredients needed in the bakery to bake cookies! --- Do you like this infinite word search game? If you do, we want to ask you a favor. Please rate and review this game on our Appstore page. It will mean the world for us!