TRAIN YOURSELF to keep your head steady during your golf swing. Train INDOORS OR OUTSIDE using the iPhone’s camera and AR (augmented reality) technology. Steady Head RECOGNIZES YOUR FACE when you set up to the ball, draws a boundary around your head, tracks your movement during your swing, and provides feedback in real-time if the boundary is broken. The BEST KIND OF PRACTICE is the kind you can take right to the course. You want to add the pressure you have on the course to stay steady and not over swing. There is a fundamental idea of desirable difficulty, coined by the cognitive psychologist Robert Bjork in 1994, which argues that introducing a certain degree of challenge to the learning process boosts long-term retention. Easily adjust for ALL types of swings and ALL levels of ability. The four head-movement boundaries (TOP, BOTTOM, LEFT, RIGHT) can be easily customized through individual settings for each. Depending on your skill level, what club you are hitting, and your swing tendencies, set the boundaries accordingly. SIMPLE Design - No props or gadgets involved! - Just set your phone down in front of you and swing - Easy adjustments in Settings SMART Interface - Uses facial recognition to start/stop - Swing naturally - Choose visual and/or audio prompts INSTANT Feedback - Proven adverse-conditioning approach - Adjust for different abilities and clubs - Review swings on Camera Roll Here is what some of the Steady Head users are saying … Bryce Hayden (Newport Beach, CA), 5 hcp - “What I love is that I don’t need anything but my phone to train the most important thing in my swing …” Chris Ward (Denver, CO), 9 hcp - “The app tells me in real-time when my head moves too much, not after the fact.” Charlie Long (Tuscon, AZ) instructor - “This is a groundbreaking app … a must have for every golfer” Art Vandelay (New York, NY), 18 hcp- “I really like how all the swings are saved to the Cameral Roll, and I can analyze them to see exactly how and when my head is moving out of position.” Daniel Strong (Orlanda, FL), 1 hcp - “What makes this training method different is there is nothing unnatural, so it translates to real play very effectively” Chip Brakeville (San Clemente, CA), 14 hcp - “When I make a good swing, I get no feedback … which is what I want, just like the real thing on the course.” Tori Greene (Minneapolis, MN), 10 hcp - “I can train anywhere … indoors or outdoors … with or without a club … hitting a ball or not.” Billy McCoy (Dallas, TX), scratch - “It’s really cool how you can set the head-movement boundaries however you want, to condition myself to eliminate my bad tendencies.” Mike Morretti (Kansas City, MO), 13 hcp – “Now you don’t need someone or something to hold your head while you swing!” Brandel Tutor (Clearwater, FL), 2 hcp - “This is what you call an elegantly simple app.” Frank Knight (Phoenix, AZ), 12 hcp - “You can start with an easy setting, then gradually tighten the boundaries as you train yourself” Ralph Moore (Valencia, CA), +2 hcp – “This app have been key in validating that my new swing moves are not causing my head to move out of position” Sean Lyle (Baltimore, MD), teaching pro: “This is the holy grail of swing trainers …. Instead of telling my students AFTERWARDS that they moved their head, now they know when it happens DURING their swing” Larry Learned (Jacksonville, FL), club pro: “Now I don’t have to say ‘keep your head down’ to my students. The app says if for me!”