Timehop is the only app that lets you celebrate all your best memories, every day. Join the over 20 Million people who start their day reminiscing with friends on a nostalgic journey. It's like #tbt every day! ----- Webby Awards Best Social App 2017 Webby Awards People’s Voice - Best Social App 2017 As featured in The New York Times, Digiday, Washing Post, Time Magazine, and Vox. ----- Your daily Memories • See this exact day in history, every time you open • Tap or Swipe through every old photo, video, and post • Relive your favorite vacations, parties, and weddings as they unfold • Go back 1 year ago, to 20 years ago, and beyond! Connect • Easily see all the photos and videos you take on your phone and never post • Connect your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts to see your social media history • Connect Google Photos, Dropbox, or Flickr to see your entire history of stored photos • Even relive where you checked-in by connecting your Swarm account Relive the best, Hide the Rest! • Cherish the best memories and protect yourself from the sad ones • Hide your bad memories so you don’t see them again next year • Go directly to the posts so you can delete them from where they were originally posted Then & Now • Compare the old with the new by turning your photos into a Then & Now! • Snap a new selfie to show off just how much your hair has changed • Or grab a recent photo of your puppy to see how big they got since they were first adopted! Reminisce with Friends • Share any memory easily with your friends via sms or other messaging platforms • Post your best throwbacks and share the memories with everyone • Crop, frame, and add stickers like you're the scrapbooking master Your Daily Habit • Every morning you get a new day of Timehop memories, and it only lasts for 24 hours! • Set your alerts so you never miss a day • Your Timehop streak tracks how many days in a row you have checked your memories • Unlock badges and rewards the bigger your streak gets! Nostalgic News • Watch Abe, our dinosaur mascot, report on the news of the past • Learn about the weird, lesser-known, and culturally significant historic moments as they relate to today • It’s a fun nostalgic fact every day RetroVideo • Don’t miss an episode of the best pop-culture nostalgia TV show • Catch clips of the movies, shows, and music memories on this day in a bitesize format every day • Impress your friends with your just how much you remember from your childhood Wanna know more? Find us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @Timehop Happy Timehopping!