· Imagine learning Mandarin and HSKby reading something as fun as comics · Imagine immersing yourself in everday Chinese life through just an App · Imagine mastering Chinese phrases anywhere at your spare time · M Mandarin is the App that can turn all of these imaginations into reality M Mandarin (漫中文)is an App for global Chinese learners to learn Mandarin Chinese via original comics. As an international team that consists of Chinese comics artists, Chinese teachers, as well as foreign Chinese Mandarin learners, we create long-term serial comics with various styles and stories for M Mandarin(漫中文). According to the teaching standards US ACTFL, we set up various language scenarios in comics, of which the content covering the standard of HSK vocabularies, as well as daily Chinese Mandarin dialogues. In this App, M Mandarin(漫中文), each Chinese words, phrases and dialogues is clickable in comics. The content can be easily switched among all the languages according to the users’ need, with which the users can listen to the Chinese pronunciation, check the explanation. In each M Mandarin(漫中文) comics, there are videos to learn the Chinese language points. App Features: ◉ You can click each Chinese word, phrase and dialogue to learn the authentic Chinese pronunciation and check the explanation. ◉ 8 languages available: Русский язык ภาษาไทย اللغة العربية 中文 English Español 한국어 にほんご ◉ The Chinese content in the comics can be switched among all the languages with just one click. ◉ You can join Chinese dubbing to create dubbing show for each comic. ◉ Every episode of comics has Chinese grammar & culture videos for the learners to learn more about Chinese Mandarin and China in spare time. ◉The content covers more than 6, 000 words, 7, 000 sentences, 400 grammar points, 20, 000 pieces of audio and 50, 000 pieces of comic pictures for different scenarios. Content Features: ◉ Display the authentic urban landscapes ◉ Based on the genuine language data ◉ Full coverage of all HSK-level requirements ◉ Various stories and features with no childishness. Agreement:http://funnybean.com/page/vipServer/subscribe/index.html Terms of Use:http://funnybean.com/home/service Privacy Policy:http://funnybean.com/home/privacy