Want to learn how to stretch, but yoga isn't your thing? This app is for you. * Learn many types of stretches: active, passive, dynamic & strengthening * 50 videos. Over 3 hours of content * 35 training videos, 6 workouts & 7 complete routines This app is for men and women of all ages that want to stretch and become more flexible by training from a more clinical perspective. In this unique app, CPT and stretching expert Neal Warren shows you many different ways to stretch and become more flexible. No annoying in-app purchases. No pointless tools or timers. You get what you pay for from the beginning: 50 videos with over 3 hours and 9 minutes of content. A fantastic reference with great examples and content. * 35 TRAINING VIDEOS Demonstrate technique and concept. You can browse and watch them individually by muscle group. 6 WARM-UP VIDEOS Get you going before you start each of the full stretching routines. 7 FULL ROUTINE VIDEOS Videos composed of the EXACT same exercises you learned in the training videos. Each routine is a complete round, so you can workout directly with Neal. Want more rounds? Simply replay the video. * In both the training videos and routines, Neal introduces you to 4 categories of stretching exercises: ACTIVE STRETCHES: Actively working to stretch specific groups of muscles. PASSIVE STRETCHES: Stretches where you exert no effort, and simply let gravity do the work. DYNAMIC STRETCHES: Exercises that increase flexibility simply by doing them. STRENGTHENING: Training muscle groups to reduce increase flexibility in the opposing muscle groups. * ACTIVE STRETCH Training videos include: * Neck * Back extension * Back rotation * Back flexion * Back stability * Feet & Ankles * Hamstrings * Quadriceps * Calves & Shins * Hips * Hands & Wrist * Biceps * Triceps * Shoulders * Pecs, Rhomboids & Lats PASSIVE STRETCH Training videos include: * Abs & Chest: Supported supine back extension * Abs: Supported supine back rotation * Hip, Back & Neck: Supported prone back flexion * Abs & Back: Supported lateral back flexion * Hips: Supported deep lunge * Hips: Supported prone pigeon * Chest: Supported half snow angles * Hips: Supported butterfly DYNAMIC STRETCH Training videos include: * Quadriceps & Hips: Slow ginga * Quadriceps, Hips & Hamstring: Ginga with kick * Triceps & Hands: Judo pull-ups * Hip, Ankles & Feet: Aiki rows * Hip & Quadriceps Stretch: Prisoner get-ups * Lats & Hands: Modified half-cartwheels * Chest, Wrist & Hips: Crab walks * Back & Hamstrings: Judo push-ups STRENGTHENING Training videos include: * Quadriceps * Hamstrings * Chest * Back & Biceps WARM-UP videos include: * Active Back Warm-up * Active Leg Warm-up * Active Arm Warm-up * Leg Strengthening Warm-up * Arm Strengthening Warm-up * Passive Warm-up (Muscle Taps) FULL ROUTINE videos include: * Day 1: Active Back Stretches * Day 2: Active Leg Stretches * Day 3: Active Arm Stretches * Day 4: Leg Strengthening * Day 5: Arm Strengthening * Day 6: Passive Stretches * Day 7: Dynamic Stretches Additional videos include: * An intro from Neal Warren * Safety: Pain vs Discomfort Value: If you were to have private training with Neal for the content included in this app, it would cost you well over $700. This app is considerably less. About Neal Warren: Neal Warren is a Certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). He has been teaching and coaching stretching, Judo, yoga, and overall fitness since 1999. He trains everyone from tactical athletes to grandparents. Neal integrates flexibility training into a complete exercise prescription program that improves strength, power, cardiovascular conditioning and mental toughness. Neal is on the Advisory Board for MiraCosta College’s Kinesiology Department, and is a guest lecturer at the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences.