The chronograph era is over.

This application allows a user to communicate with a Labradar through a bluetooth connection in order to view and manage his shooting data the same way he can from the Labradar device itself. The features this application includes are :

1. Create and delete series
2. Manage the Labradar settings such as units, radar settings, trigger settings, distance settings and shot related settings (such as projectile weight and offset)
3. Receive the shots on the phone or tablet when the Labradar is armed, in real-time.
4. Convert the data to be displayed in the user's preferred scale units of measurement

In addition to those features, it also displays statistics of the series/shots along with graphs displaying various aspect of the data such as the velocity, power factor or the energy of the series/shots.

In order for the application to work properly :
1. Install at least firmware version 1.2.0
2. Do NOT pair the mobile device to the Labradar
3. Enable the location services and accept the permissions upon application startup
4. Make sure the Labradar is not in armed mode while trying to connect to it