Guess the name of the actors! With "Actor Quiz" you will have fun guessing famous actors from their photos. Show to everybody your knowledge of cinema. The game has 12 levels, each of which consists of 20 actors to guess. When the game starts you will have only first level, the following must be unlocked. To unlock a level you must correctly guess at least 15 actors from the previous level (after unlocking the level you can download it). The app requires network connection only to download a level. Don't you know the name of an actor? Don't worry! The game allows you to use three of kind of helps: • social networks: ask help to your friends sharing the image of the actor through social networks • name's initials: the game shows you the initials of the name and surname of the actor/actress (-100 points) • movies: you can see the list of actor's movies (-200 points) Enjoy by Mini Group! Keywords: Actor Quiz, actors, actor, movie, quiz, game, puzzle game, levels, films, famous faces, fun, arcade, entertainment