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Chat on Swipr right now to get to know your new Swipr friend better! Open up your chatroom to send messages immediately with your Swipr friend. Of course, you'll be able to add your new friend on Snapchat after a pleasant chat!


Simply send a request to exchange IDs on multiple platforms. Connect with your new best friends on all your favorite social networks!


Enjoy real-time chat with anyone you like before you make friends with each other!
Now start to boost your HMU and promote yourself to thousands of people looking for new friends and convos. Watch as girls or guys from all over the world start to message you!


The dominant right is right in your own hand!
Send a request to make new friends on Snapchat. Convenient and free from burden or pressure.

SAFETY DISCLAIMER: Swipr intends to provide an excellent experience for users from all over the world to make new friends and connect with new people on Snapchat. User safety is always our top priority. We only allow positive communication and feedback. Inappropriate behaviors such as Nudity or sexual content, Spam, Fake Profile, Illegal activity, Threats, violence, or insult are all serious violations of our Community Guidelines and will be permanently banned from the account. We strongly urge our users to carefully consider when sharing their privacy, such as their location, full name, and other personal information with new friends they just met. Lastly, Swipr strictly prohibits selling, offering, or requesting nudity or sexual content that violates our Community Regulations. Please make good use of the report function when seeing any concerns in Swipr. Our team will make every effort to maintain the safety of the environment!

Obtain diamonds with interesting mini-tasks! Unlock more convenient friend-making functions.
Send relevant information to support@swipr.cc to share more user experiences and suggestions for improvement.

PS - Swipr is for friendships ONLY

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