You can play by running various trains such as trains and bullet trains. The icon will flow from the bottom left, so try tapping the icon. Transform into various Shinkansen and trains, railroad crossings, tunnels, railway bridges, etc. Besides that, various things pass on the screen Please tap it. Maybe something fun will happen? ・ Station icon: You can stop at the station. -Linear Shinkansen icon: Transforms into a linear Shinkansen (linear motor car) for a certain period of time. -Conventional line icon: The train changes to various trains. -Shinkansen icon: Transforms into a Shinkansen for a certain period of time. -SL icon: Transforms into SL (steam locomotive) for a certain period of time. -Railroad crossing icon: A railroad crossing is coming. -Tunnel icon: Enter the tunnel. ・ Iron bridge icon: Cross the iron bridge. -Landscape switching icon: Change the route to a place with a different landscape. -Horn icon: You can sound the horn. I would like to increase the number of trains, steam locomotives, linear Shinkansen trains and backgrounds. If you have a train or subway that you would like to see, please request it. I would like to give priority to making it. ● When you tap the linear Shinkansen icon It transforms into 12 types of linear Shinkansen for a certain period of time. ● When you tap the Shinkansen icon There are vehicles on each Shinkansen line including the Tokaido Shinkansen. There is also a rare Doctor Yellow, East-i. There are all types of Shinkansen from 0 series to N700S series! ● Tap the SL icon It transforms into SL for a certain period of time. The whistle sounds with a muffled smoke. 6 types of SL ● Tap the landscape icon After passing through a large tunnel, a train runs in a place with a different landscape. ● Introduction of conventional lines Various vehicles such as JR, private railways, local railways, and subways in Tokyo There are more than 81 types of trains ● Police cars, ambulances, fire engines, fixed-route buses, etc. run on the road in front of you, so please tap it. I\u0027m looking forward to what happens. ● Stop at the station or switch the background at regular intervals. I am not a railroad enthusiast, so I would appreciate it if you could tell me if there are any mistakes. * An advertising banner will be displayed. note that. * You can play this train game for free until the end.