Time sheet, activity, GPS and route tracking app for individuals, contractors, freelancers and small teams - this app is COVID work from home ready. Get started for free today!

You can easily capture worked hours, breaks, billable time, mileage and even add images to activities. Activities may be tracked in real-time or entered at the end of the day using the time sheet editor. All real-time activities are GPS located.

See daily, weekly and monthly summary reports instantly.

Just sign in, define some categories and start your timers. It's that simple.

Real-Time activities may be "live-tracked" to record and validate travel mileage and the route taken.

With a built-in team management system, time sheet tracking, approval, team messaging and communications have never been easier.

The time sheet editor makes it easy for individuals, teams and team leaders to submit, review and approve recorded times.

Automatically notify team members and leaders when hours have been submitted/approved.


Online time sheets replace traditional systems making subsequent invoicing and payroll more efficient and affordable.

Why persist with cumbersome traditional systems? Install the app now and benefit from one of the most versatile mobile time tracking apps on the market today.


Start and stop worked hours, breaks, jobs, billable work and capture expenses.

Add images to any activity, send simple messages to team members and track mileage in real-time.

Activities can be entered at the end of the day using using the time sheet editor. Time recording is easy with this time tracker app.

• Add, edit or delete time sheets for yourself or for your team.
• Track time against worked hours, breaks, jobs, projects, locations, clients, and more.
• Track employee hours accurately with a real-time online time clock.
• Easily start, stop and switch between activities.


• Email hours directly from the app or export to Excel and view on-screen.
• Exported hours include date/time, location, GPS map link, images and activity categories.
• Apply easy-to-use filtering to limit exported data to common types such as billable or payroll worked hours.


• Sign up directly from within the app.
• Premium upgrade available for teams


• "Spanning time" feature allows you to record portions of time within greater parent activities such as billable time or meeting hours during the course of a normal worked day.
• Team messages may be set to require pro-active confirmations or task updates using a a range of preset responses
• Try it now - it's free!