If you love snake game then this game is for you. Where you can boost snakes by energy packs and increase their length in worm games.This is really very addictive. A new casual version of Snake.io and survive as long as you can! At the beginning of the io games you spawn as a small slither and your main goal is to survive. Controlling your worms in slither.io game is simple, as your crawl is entirely controlled using the mouse. The worm will continuously be crawling in the direction of your finger movement, so turning your crawl worm games is as simple as moving your finger skill to allowing you to get out of the way of enemy worms quickly. If opponents' snakes smash into you, then their body will explode. Slither.io is designed for smooth, fast performance, with touch controls for every mobile device. I hope you have fun moments of .io games! Feature: 1. Smooth Control 2. Addictive game play 3. Best 2D environment 4. Fully optimized game play Note: If you have any suggestions related to Snake super hero then contact us at Rehman0847@gmail.com we will add more features Thank you.