Original detective mystery story where you are the main character!

STORY LINE to discover
Find yourself locked in some mansion you've never been before. Start to look around and the more you find out, the more questions appear.
Suspense will rise and you'll find yourself in a middle of an exciting story where your help is needed.

GAME to play
Examine rooms, search for clues, communicate with other people and together find out how to escape the mansion.
Graphics and 3d environment for better immerse.

Main features of this interactive story:
⭐️ Original story idea - detective & thriller quest;
⭐️ Examine rooms and search for clues in first person view;
⭐️ Communicate with other characters to uncover the story;
⭐️ 3d environment: feel yourself in the mansion;
⭐️ Your choices affect the story;

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