🐟🐠🐡Join Fish Story, save the Fish Princess and escape from the Shark in an underwater world

Fish Story: Save the Lover 🐠 is an addictive free tricky puzzle game including many fun mini games. This funny puzzle game is the story about a yellow Fish doing his journey in an underwater world. He need to master his brain to rescue the fish princess, pass all obstacles and escape from the shark
Joining Fish Story – Save the Lover 🐠, your IQ will be tested with mind-blowing riddles and quests that leave you craving for more

What’re you waiting for?
Download Fish Story and become a brain teaser master to help the yellow fish finish his journey!🎉🎉🎉

Endless fun mini games
🐟 Choice puzzle: choose the right answers to save the little fish.
🐟 Pull the pin: Pull the correct pins to escape from sharks and rescue the fish princess.
🐟 Flappy Fish: tap on the screen to help the fish pass obstacles.
🐟 Pipe puzzle: Use your brain to arrange the pipes to get the fish and his lover
🐟 Chat text: Fill the right texts to create humorous conversations.

🐠 Beautiful high-resolution graphics
🐠 Simple and addictive gameplay
🐠 Smooth user interface
🐠 Music and sound effects
🐠 Suitable for kids & all ages
🐠 Phone and Tablet support
🐠 Over 300 all-free puzzle mini games to challenge your brain IQ.

Freedom is the final destination in this adventure. Can you help the fish and his lover escape from the shark.
Download Fish Story: Save The Lover for free now!🎉🎉🎉