Download Give It Up! 2, which is the sequel of the cute Give It Up! musical jumper game. Start following the rhythm and jump to the platforms in this music game that has the same features that you can find in the original version but with a new concept. It is a fun tap game and challenging at the same time – tap to the beat and don’t miss any tiles. You\u0027re a black ball and you have to feel the beat and rhythm of the music while jumping with the right timing from color tile to color tile in order to beat each level. You will feel the rush in this one! Enjoy this one-tap tiles jumper indie game, feel the rhythm, and tap and hop through the numerous challenges as you collect each blob. New adorable black blobs and slime, crazy multi-level tracks, and new music with a great beat! In this rhythm jumper game, you will have to tap on the screen to avoid the danger as well as overcome the challenges in each level. Bounce and hop along to the rhythm as you overcome the challenges in this gem among indie games. Jump on the tiles to win! Feel the beat and tap in time or the beat will smash you! The key to winning in this casual game is to follow the rhythm of the music, jump on the color tiles, and reach the next platform while avoiding the obstacles. Listen to the music and tap to follow the melody in this gem among beat jumping games. Smash into each tile as you bounce and hop through the map. Jumping is fun and you\u0027ll love the music! New Give It Up! 2 features: • One-tap jumper gameplay, numerous challenges. • Difficulty varies: practice a lot and level up in this fun game! • 27 crazy and challenging stages to beat. • Tap to the rhythm of the music and jump across the black platforms! • Watch out for spikes and other crazy obstacles! Jump in time! • Discover challenging hidden stages as you tap and hop along! • Jump like a pro: get 3 stars at every stage! • Collect adorable blobs and slime as you bounce and hop along. • With the new graphics effects, the cool Give It Up! game has never looked so cool. You won\u0027t find as much fun in any other rhythm jumper game. Give It Up! 2 provides a challenge full of color, music, and rhythm! You\u0027re a black ball that needs to rush through each level while you enjoy some catchy melodies and keep jumping to the rhythm from tile to tile, one platform at a time. Hop along and keep your eye on collecting each blob as you jump through the game. Jump to win! You can customize the difficulty of each stage in this jumper game. Whether you prefer easy, medium, or hard mode, it\u0027s fun for everyone! You just need to focus on the tiles and the beat to be successful at each level! Follow the rhythm in one of the best jump games out there and tap at the right time to jump with your ball from one color tile to the next but ensure to watch out for the obstacles. It\u0027s a musical game, so pay attention to the sound as you\u0027re jumping through each level! The rhythm and beat of the melody are what will keep your slime ball in the race, but don\u0027t forget to avoid the obstacles so that you can finish each level in this casual and fun tile game. You might even need to rush a little. Feel the beat and hop along as you follow the rhythm of the music, jump on the colored tiles, and overcome the challenges. Jump to win! This is not like one of those boring platform games! Interactive music • New original soundtrack, with electro and techno styles, and the classic ones from the first Give It Up! jumper game. • The multilayered music changes dynamically during the game. • You can record your own sounds and include them in the game. Follow your own rhythm and enjoy the beat in this jumper game! Give It Up! 2 is one of the best rhythm games. It\u0027s a casual game and relies on music and rhythm. It even lets you record sounds. Have fun, start jumping, and let your creativity flow on all levels of this addictive game. By downloading this game, you agree to our terms of service: