The best application for all those people who want to keep track of their tasks, schedules and appointments, having the possibility of sharing the content in real time with other users or with all the devices of the same user.
Ideal for shift workers, families, couples or those who need to know the agenda of their relatives, friends or workmates.


- Log in with your email and enjoy self-saving in the cloud (forget about back-ups) ☁
- Share your calendar with whoever you want and give them the possibility to edit it in real time or to keep it as a spectator of your events 👨‍👩‍👧
- Add notes associated to a calendar 📝
- Reorder your calendars.


- Modify your calendar in two ways:
(1) Quick mode or paint: Select an event from the drop-down list and click on the days to paint them with that event 🎨
(2) Multiple Selection Mode: Select one or several days and perform actions in the selected range of days (add event, delete, repeat, copy, cut, paste events and / or notes)

- Event menu: you can see all events of that calendar, create new ones, edit, reorder or hide them.


- Add all the events you want in the same day.
- You can create all the events you need and configure them in a modular way.
- Modify their appearance.
- Add descriptions, images, audios and variable text to the event 🖼️
- Set your earnings and control your work time 💰
- Add your workday, salary and rest time and keep an exhaustive control of your schedules 📊
- Include actions at the start or end of each event (WIFI, sound mode, Bluetooth) 🔇
- Create alarms associated with that event (for that day or for the previous day) 🔔
- Add customizable and recursive icons associated with a date.
- Use the Birthday function and don't forget any of them 🎂


- Create notes in each day and add reminders with alarms. Do not forget about appointments or important events again ⏱️
- Include images and audios in your notes 🎙️
- Mark notes as important ⭐
- Use the notes, events and icons Searcher to find them easily 🔎


- Create a Widget for your desktop and view your calendar without even opening the application.
- Choose the size that you like the most.


- Export your calendar from "Groups - Work & Family calendar" to Google Calendar.
- Add national holidays directly from Google Calendar 🌴
- Import your calendar from our previous app Work Shift Calendar (Shifter) to "Groups - Work & Family calendar".
- See the summary of the next 30 days.
- Compare different calendars: select the calendars and the month you want to compare.
- Annual view: allows you to see all the months of the year just by sliding the screen.
- Share your calendars easily (monthly or annual view) with your friends as an image or PDF through WhatsApp, email, Telegram ... 📧
- Statistics: specific section where you can see the basic income, extra time paid, accumulated time, extra income and total income. Perfect to take a quick and clear control of all your earnings 📈
- Holidays: mark a day as a holiday and you can also choose to repeat it every year.


- Easy to use.
- Clear interface.
- Customizable.
- Different payment accounts that adapt to your needs 🥈🥇🥉
- Fast and personalized user service ℹ️
- Social networks 👍 enjoy explanatory videos, information about new updates and more visual content by joining our "Groups - Work & Family calendar" community.


We are a very small team of people who make a great effort to develop "Groups - Work & Family calendar". If you like this application, you can help us continue improving and adding new features. By upgrading "Groups - Work & Family calendar" you will not only get a lot of professional premium features but also greatly support the continuous development of the app.