Red light, green light, 1, 2, 3 … Can you win this enigmatic survival contest? Image that you have to battle with 456 other players. How does it feel if you know that anybody may kill you anytime and your life is completely in your hands? Will you be able to win the easy game or you will die if you lose? Squid Challenge will give you the opportunity to get huge reward money, but WAIT! Reality is so damn crazy! The only way to survive and win the money is to take part in the Squid Challenge. It\u0027s time to stand up and save your life. Red Light, Green Light, Dalgona Candy, Tug-of-War, and Marbles are among the contests offered by the Squid Survival Shooting Games. Make sure you don\u0027t miss the last squid survival game, which is an absolute thrill ride. Don\u0027t worry! Remember these SURVIVAL TIPS: \u003e Pay attention to the directions and try to the finish line as fast as possible before time runs out \u003e Move forward only when the speaker says \"green light\" and the Devil Doll\u0027s back is turned; otherwise, you will be \"eliminated\" if you do not stop advancing and remain motionless when the \"red light\" begins. \u003eTo reach the finish line first and save your life, you can run, jump, or do whatever it takes. \u003e Be sneaky and avoid being caught by the red light!\" GAME FEATURES \u003e Fully simulated gameplay \u003e Unique maps with increasing levels of difficulty \u003e Easy touch controls for a smooth gaming experience \u003e Amazing characters to choose \u003e Compatible with multiple devices (smartphone and tablet)\" So what are you waiting for? How far would you go for a second chance at life or dead? Please feel free to join this Squid Game Challenge now and survive with huge reward prize!\"