A B C D E F G... Will you come and play with me?

We're not talking about a normal hide n' seek game. This is the most thrilling FPS survival game where you come head to head against alphabet monsters or become one of them. What is waiting behind those doors? Are you brave enough to make it out alive?

- Drag to move, aim at enemies to kill them. Use the map location map to spot your teammates
- If you're a human, use a gun or other weapons to defeat Alphabet and Rainbow monsters
- If you're a monster, chase after humans and finish them
- Whatever role you play, you must survive until the end to win

- Free First Person Shooter (FPS) game
- Smooth animation
- Two playing modes: Monsters & Hunters
- Cool weapons and monsters
- Endless levels, endless fun
- All FREE

Download now and let the scariest FPS survival game begin!