The mobile companion app for your Sunbase account. Let SunbaseData help take your business to the next level you can access all of your business information from customers, sales, financing, operations and installation from your office or on top of a customers roof. You can track your employees location with our GPS feature tracking their location for historical playback and mileage calculation. Great for businesses that want to know when their employees arrived and left the job site. Track your leads, appointments and customers with all of the fields that you need you can create your own. Ready to go out of the box start entering leads after signup in minutes. Appointments are automatically synchronized with Google Calendars and view-able through the system. Originally built for Solar Industry the system is incredibly flexible and is used by roofers, electrical companies, painters, therapists, landscapers and many more. Create invoices including repeat invoices to generate and send to your customers. Create work orders with permit info, what to be done, notes, attachments, pictures and details of the system. Does your industry have financing? Do you have to track financing applications or permits we got you covered. Add your attachments to the customer or the job. Add/Access them in the field they are stored safely on Amazon's S3 Cloud. We have an importer utility built into the program to make it easy to migrate your existing data from excel or another CRM solution into SunbaseData.. Job Board track the status of all of your jobs and see it visually on our job board. You can drag and drop (web version) between the different states. Integrated telephone dialer built into the system. Using the dialer your appointment setters can easily filter the list of leads you want to call and divide them up. Also support click to call, auto dialing and predictive dialing. Inventory management, tracking bundles, quantity on hand, assets, vehicles and equipment. Can track your cost for each product and your profit margin. Books and ledgers with Profit/Loss and Year end reports and an easy receipt capture tool to save the receipt onto the cloud and add a ledger transaction. Never have those faded receipts again. Also eliminates having to keep all of the records in case you are ever audited. Allow your employees to punch in though our time clock. Not only do we track the time we can tell you their location that they did it from. Did they punch out when they got home? Email Marketing blasts quickly create advanced targeted filters to pinpoint your target for an email marketing blasts. Use our Visual Email Designer or HTML editor to create the email and blast it out to your customer base. The marketing blast feature includes the ability to unsubscribe as well as track who opened the email and when. The system calculates the Read rate for you. Track Licenses/Skills/Insurance, Online Training platform. Systematize your business by creating videos and using those to train your staff. Carve territories and view your jobs and leads based off territories. Create and track your sales contracts with e-signing.