ALL TABLES ARE PLAYABLE WITHOUT ANY LIMITATIONS BY FREE PLAY MODE! DISCOUNT PRICE INCLUDES 5 LICENSED ZACCARIA PINBALL TABLES (BLACKBELT, FARFALLA, HOT WHEELS, PINBALL CHAMP '82, TIME MACHINE)! Zaccaria was founded by three brothers (Marino, Franco, & Natale) and was the 3rd largest manufacturer of pinball machines in the world (behind Bally & Williams). They had created and produced more than 35 different pinball machines between 1974 and 1987. Zaccaria Pinball is a commemoration of this great pinball manufacturer. We will bring you almost all the pinball tables of Zaccaria one after the other. FEATURES - 5 pinball tables (Pinball Champ '82, Farfalla, Hot Wheels, Blackbelt, Time Machine) - Various fixed and customizable camera views - Highly accurate physics and ball movements - Original table rules, sound effects and vocals - Breathtaking light and shadow effects - Retina Display and iOS 6 support - Customisable music themes PINBALL TABLES  - Blackbelt - Farfalla - Hot Wheels - Pinball Champ '82 - Time Machine PURCHASABLE PINBALL TABLES - Robot - Soccer Kings - Devil Riders - Locomotion - Shooting the Rapids - Star God - Magic Castle - Earth Wind Fire - Clown - Future World - Fire Mountain - Winter Sports - Space Shuttle - Zankor - Pool Champion - Mexico '86 - House of Diamonds - Mystic Star - Spooky - Star's Phoenix - Strike (SS) - Aerobatics (EM) - Circus (EM) - Combat (EM) SPECIAL TABLES FOR GOLD/SILVER MEMBERS: - Moon Flight (EM) - Lucky Fruit (EM) - Universe (EM) - Supersonic (EM) - Cine Star (EM) - Wood's Queen (EM) - Nautilus (EM) - Red Show (EM) IN-APPS BRONZE MEMBERSHIP - offers all the in-apps on a discount price SILVER MEMBERSHIP - offers all Zaccaria pinball tables which have been released so far and will be release in the future, there will be 35 pinball tables in all GOLD MEMBERSHIP - offers content of Bronze Membership and Silver Membership on a discount price (all in-apps and all pinball tables) BALL SIZE - includes option that can change size of the ball (small, normal, large) USED TABLE - includes dirty textures, as well as an option that makes playfield dirtier and dirtier by the ball rolling LIGHT/DARK ENVIRONMENT - includes a darker environment that brings more realistic look for pinball tables + 2 BALLS - adds 2 balls, so you will have 5 balls to play BALL PACK - includes 4 balls with different behavior FLIPPER PACK - includes 4 colored flippers (a.k.a. original replacement flippers) PREMIUM CAMERA EDITOR - adds 3 more customizable camera views and unlocks additional options to cam editor PHYSICS TWEAKS - allows you to modify some major value of physics engine GRAPHICS TWEAKS - allows you to change color and light settings CONTROLS LAUNCH A BALL/START A GAME - tap the screen LEFT AND RIGHT FLIPPERS - tap left lower and right lower side of the screen PUSH THE TABLE - shake your device or swipe to left, right, up and down SUPPORT If you found any bug or issue please send us an e-mail to or look for us on our Facebook page at! Thank you!