Do you love arcde games? is a perfect strategy where you as a liquid absorb everything around you, houses plants, animals and other things. You are like a black hole. Break everything around you and get bigger. Eat other liquids to win. And become the strongest!

A thrilling arcade game that makes you feel like an almighty liquid devouring everything around you.

Main Features

- Absorb everything around you: People, cars and buildings.

- Become huge and swallow your opponent

- Easy control

- Colorful graphics

Like a black hole you can destroy the entire city

Win, get coins, buy skins with them, then unlock worlds and become invincible

Set new records, improve your results, become the best player

Share your results with your friends.

Do you like demolition games?
Then you will definitely like!

This is a simulation game. Where you can feel like a real monster eating everything around.

Quench your hunger and destroy the city, devouring everything smaller than you.
Run away from the big players, then come back and devour them completely without a trace

The game is very easy to control and understand. in this black hole simulator you can easily lose track of time because this arcade game is so addictive

With one finger you can destroy and devour everything around you.

Swallow everyone up!

Enter the arena and prove you're the fastest player in the world.
♪ destroy them and devour them ♪

Take first place and unlock new abilities.
Swallow everything around you faster. Move faster and outrun your opponent on the leaderboard

Our game simulator will especially appeal to those who just want to relax and relieve stress by destroying everything around and eating in the city