Enjoy Twitter with the powerful and customizable Tweetlogix client. Since 2010, Tweetlogix has helped users get the most from Twitter with its speed, simplicity, and powerful filtering. Silence Twitter noise by muting users, keywords, phrases, retweets, and clients. Design your own color themes, create Twitter lists, search nearby, and much more. Powerful Filtering • Mute users • Mute keywords or phrases • Mute retweets • Mute Twitter clients • Easily review your muted tweets • Filters apply instantly to your timelines Customizable Themes • Dark mode support • Design your own color themes • Tweet or email themes • Import themes • Built-in light and dark themes Powerful Chronological Timelines • Chronological ordering • Customize your timeline to display a list or saved search • Gap detection and expansion • Auto expansion of long tweets • Quick actions with long-tap and swipe • Customizable font style Conversations and Replies • Search for multi-part threads from any tweet • Tap any tweet to view conversation • Search for replies and quoted tweets Compose Tweets • Auto completion of usernames and hashtags • Alphabetized and indexed contacts • Compose tweets with images, videos, or music titles • Search GIPHY and attach GIFs • Send long tweets with TwitLonger • Choose from recent hashtags • Geotag tweets • Save and manage drafts • Shorten URLs with bit.ly or TinyURL Twitter Lists • Create, edit, and follow lists • Use a list as your main timeline Unread Counters • Unread count for timelines, lists, and messages • Tweets marked read as you scroll Bookmarks and Web Browsing • Save links to iOS Reading List, Instapaper, Pocket, or Pinboard • Options for embedded or external Safari browser Powerful Search • Integrated search throughout the app • Search for people or tweets • Nearby search with map and list views • Use a Saved Search as your main timeline Multiple Accounts • Support for multiple Twitter accounts • Multi-account auto refresh • Convenient accounts summary view Twitter Profiles • View recent images and videos for Twitter users • Search for quotes of a user • Edit your profile • Upload profile avatar and header images Trends • Easily view current and local trends More Features • Multitasking on iPad lets you seamlessly transition between Slide Over, Split View, and Full Screen • Landscape support everywhere • Rearrange your tabs