Create artworks with concept of Lines: add amazing Lines, Curves and Circles on your photo This App gives you many choices to play with Lines, curves, circles, and other geometric shapes. It offers 36 basic shapes and fancy Line effects. It allows you to create unlimited variations, because you can change the size of shapes, increase or decrease the thickness of Lines, and create "Line-repeats". — and you can add multiple shapes to create new ones. The output is always a "SQUARE PHOTO" (as shown on screenshots). FEATURES: • 36 shapes and fancy Line effects, plus many variations • geometry adjustments (size, center position, Line thickness, Line repeat, etc.) • color for Lines • background darkness/color/opacity • background photo (available via a "tools" button) • combine multiple shapes • cut-off some parts of shapes (use the new inserted shape as a cutter for previous drawings) • photo zoom and pan • photo rotate • high resolution export (2048×2048, 3×8 bits, PNG format) OTHER USES: » simply create a round photo — (by using a circle-Line with extend thickness / or white background) » cover some parts of your documents' photos — (by adding thick Lines with gray color) » export your created "empty photo frame" — as a template for future Loading / or use in photo-editing Apps — (PNG image in photo gallery of your device)