Imagine a social app that lifts you up and rewards you on the daily. That’s Spur, a positive community supporting all creators, big clout or just starting out. Spur is a social rewards app, built around the principle of reciprocity. When you post stories, you choose whether to receive Kudos or hearts from the community. 100 Kudos = $4 when you cash out. When you view stories, you can show love with hearts or support the creator with Kudos you’ve earned or purchased in-app. The more you reward the community with engaging stories and Kudos, the more you’ll be rewarded yourself. Here’s how we’re doing social media differently: * On Spur, you’re not the product. There are no ads and your private data isn’t sold. * Stories are authentic and spontaneous. No uploads or post-production. Be yourself! * Pleasing an algorithm shouldn’t be your priority when you post. On Spur, machines don’t decide if your stories are seen. * Machines also don’t decide what stories you see. Your attention is yours to give. Discovery on Spur is intuitive. It flows. * Fans and friends are co-creators. Giving Kudos on the stories you enjoy funds the creation of more content to love.