Introducing Taskade AI - your all-in-one AI chat and workflow assistant that supercharges your productivity! With just a few taps, get instant answers to complex questions, generate notes and outlines, organize your tasks and projects, and summarize long-form content. Best of all, it's completely free! To start a new project, head to the AI Project Studio to craft complete project workflows from scratch effortlessly. Navigate to your workspace or folder, tap the New project button and select AI Project Studio, define the project you want to generate, and let the magic happen. To access Taskade AI Assistant, open a project and start writing. Tap the robot icon in the keyboard toolbar to access AI-powered commands that elevate your productivity. Exciting AI commands you can try: ● AI Chat (/ask): Get instant answers to questions based on AI's knowledge. ● AI Outline (/outline): Generate a structured hierarchy for your topic or question. ● AI Research Agent (/research): Search the web for more information on a topic. ● AI SEO Agent (/SEO): Fetch the top search results for given keywords. ● AI Expand (/expand): Enrich your content with AI's help, making it more descriptive. ● AI Rewrite (/rewrite): Enhance legibility and clarity with AI's assistance. ● AI Summarize (/summarize): Turn lengthy content into a quick summary. ● Generate Subtasks (/subtask): Create subtasks for a parent task effortlessly. ● Brainstorm Ideas (/brainstorm): Discover and explore new, exciting ideas. ● Translate Text (/translate): Translate text into one of the available languages. ● Prioritize Tasks (/prioritize): Arrange tasks based on their importance. ● Roundtable Agent (/roundtable): Draw expert insights from a team of AI agents. ● Spelling and Grammar Fix (/fix): Improve the structure and flow of documents. In addition, you can now talk to your documents with Taskade AI File Chat. Engage with your document files like never before. Upload, ask questions, extract summaries, and uncover insights—all within your project. Whether it's PDFs or CSVs, upload and Ask AI. Taskade AI is powered by OpenAI's GPT-4 API and ChatGPT - perfect for upgrading your workflows. Create amazing content faster than ever. Download Taskade AI today and write smarter, not harder! Looking to get things done faster and smarter? Need to track multiple tasks or projects? Taskade is the ultimate online to-do list for work. Boost productivity with smart to-do lists, outliner notes, and mind maps in one unified workspace. Taskade is simple, beautiful, and fun - the ideal to-do list manager for personal and work goals. Use Taskade individually or in teams, at home, or work. Automatic syncing keeps data up-to-date on every device. Empower your team with Taskade! Collaborate with team members on the same page and edit projects in real-time. Chat, organize, and work together instantly. Supercharge team productivity with Taskade. CAN I USE TASKADE WITH MY TEAM? Yes, Taskade is designed to boost team productivity. Share a to-do list project or invite team members to a Workspace. Work together in real-time to manage projects and assign tasks. WHAT IS A WORKSPACE? A workspace is a collection of projects. Workspaces help keep task lists and notes organized. Make workspaces collaborative by inviting team members. Team members can edit projects inside and collaborate in real-time. They will also receive push notifications for updates. CUSTOM TEMPLATES Explore limitless creative ways to use Taskade by selecting a template. Design your own team productivity system and workflows. GET IN TOUCH We value your feedback. For any feedback, email us at or visit Visit us at Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: