Sorry, we are late, but we have launched a new brand camera with realistic effect. The film inside the camera will never expire, and the color of many special films such as Kodak, Fuji, Agfa and so on has been truly restored. We will occasionally launch new films, with a focus on discontinued films to meet the needs of photography enthusiasts as much we can. 【Delta 400】 It is a classic black and white roll of street shooting, full of delicate feeling, suitable for most scenes! 【Superia 200】 The color is super thick, the sharpness is extremely high, the latitude is high, and the contrast is very characteristic of a very magical film! 【 Tri-X 400】 The best-selling B&W roll film in the world,loved by a lot of photographers. 【Sensia 100】 Shoot landscapes, flowers, people, and even buildings on a sunny day and you'll see a hint of magenta appear in the film. 【Agfa 100】 High color saturation, especially sensitive to the color of people and objects being photographed, is suitable for shooting on sunny days. 【Ektar 100】 The mose superfine roll film in the world with sharp color, highly contrast, red tone is outstanding. 【Gold 200】 Containing gold material in this roll film,when shooting in warm light, it shows a little golden tone. 【Vista 200】 The unique reddish hair color makes the picture more saturated and warm, and the graininess is low. In the low light source environment, the picture will have a little more cyan. 【Redscale 100】 The gameplay is very high, the effect of iconic red color, the film will show different shades of warm red, orange, and yellow tones. 【Provia 100】 The best portrait roll film in the world, best skin color performance, suitable for shooting in the daylight. 【Superia 800】 Soft colors, low contrast, very light yellow plaster, an exact representation of skin tones, fine grain, and very popular with wedding and event photographers. 【Velvia 50】 World's top-level roll film for landscape photo, with vivid colors especially suitable for shooting in the afternoon. 【 Kodachrome 25】 Classic color reversed film with the highest contrast and finest grain of any film, preferred by professional gamers. 【kodak portra 160】 The whole film has a yellow tone, dark violet, positive color, strong overlay, and width; the film has a fine tone, fine grain, and good image quality. 【Agfa Precisa 100】 The latitude is good, the particles are very delicate, and sometimes there is a purplish-blue feeling under strong light, and the color is saturated. Suitable for portrait, architecture and scenery photography. Auto-renewal membership instructions Subscription method: Membership benefits support weekly subscription Payment: Once the purchase is confirmed and paid, the benefit will be credited to the AppStore account and will automatically renew through your AppStore account. Renewal: The AppStore account will be deducted within 24 hours before expiration, and the subscription cycle will be extended by one subscription cycle after the deduction is successful. Cancellation of renewal: If you need to cancel the renewal, please manually turn off the automatic renewal function in the AppStore/ApplelD setting management 24 hours before the current subscription period expires. Restore purchases: If you need to restore auto-renewable products, please use the restore purchase function in the app settings. User Agreement: Privacy Policy: