My Diary is a lockable diary app that can fully protect your privacy. You can use My Diary to record your life, work and other private information. It will always be your most loyal partner.

Reasons for choosing My Diary:

🎉 My Diary has a wealth of themes, stationery and stickers, which you can choose according to your mood;

💝 My Diary has a very powerful rich text editing ability, supporting the input of text, voice, pictures, videos, tags, etc; It also supports recording the location, mood, weather, etc. of diary writing;

🌹 My Diary will count the number of days you keep a diary and reward you with roses; You can also get medals after you achieve your achievements. Keep a diary.

🔒 My Diary supports locking. You can use patterns, numbers and biometrics to lock the diary, and support the use of security questions to retrieve the password;

📅 My Diary supports viewing diary writing through the calendar for easy retrieval;

🔍 My Diary has a powerful search function. It not only supports keyword search, but also supports filtering diaries by type, such as: diaries with pictures, diaries with videos, diaries with audio, diaries with certain weather, diaries of certain types, diaries of certain places, diaries of certain feelings, etc.